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I'm a service and experience designer. I design

What i do

I’m a systems thinker that uses design as a method to explore the world, create innovation and imagine future solutions. I specialize in understanding human behaviors and user needs, exploring the user experience, observing people to discover their habits and to identify their needs and desires, I analyze context and data searching for opportunity areas and critical issues in order to design innovative solutions or to redesign existing services and make it better.

Service Design

Design for all private and public organizations that want to innovate and improve their service strategies, offerings and the user experiences with a design thinking and human-centered design approach

Experience Design

Design of the user experience by focusing on the interactions and relationships with the end user in every single detail, in all the phases of pre, during and after experience

User Research

The ideas come from a deep understanding of who the customer is, why they act the way they do, and how to impact their behavior. Research and analysis (desk and field) of the context, trends, market and industry; ethnographic research to understand behavior and needs of the customer

Touchpoints & Branding

Doesn't matter if they are digital or physical, the touchpoints are crucial. Touchpoints occur across all stages of the customer journey, from the accessing information online, to speaking with an employee and anything in between, any time a client come into contact with the provider.

Training and co-design

I’m lecturer at Service Design Master of POLI.design and tutor at Product Service System Design of Politecnico di Milano. I work as workshop and jam facilitator. On the projects I do is often planned to build sessions of
co-creation and co-design involving company representatives
and other stakeholders.

sectors and fields

I deal with business transformation and social innovation mainly in the field of tourism and hospitality, leisure, culture, health, NGO, finance

Some of my clients

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The keywords are organization, availability and clarity.

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